Praise for Marty Wilson's "More Funny More Money"

Praise for Marty Wilson's "More Funny More Money"

The praise is already pouring in for Marty Wilson's "More Funny More Money" (Publishing April). A business book with a difference!

"I worked in a lot of very ‘serious' places before starting my own business…  So I knew I had to create somewhere ‘I wanted to work in’ then others would too. Having a few laughs was the corner stone to one of Red Balloon’s original business values -  ‘a sense of humour and fun’. No matter what happened in the day, we knew if we were having fun then so too would our customers. It also meant that every day I could bound out of bed looking forward to my day at work. Fun and creativity go hand in hand…
Thank you Marty for writing this ‘guide book to a successful, fun business’ - for too many people the workplace is desperately beige and they need some inspiration to put colour in every day - not just the weekends. You will have fun exploring these pages… I did. Marty always makes me laugh. The question is am I laughing at him or with him. You be the judge."

Naomi Simson
Entrepreneur, Founder of Red Balloon, Star of Shark Tank

"As someone who doesn’t mind wading into the odd topic of tumult, I know that sometimes lacing your views with humour can be a powerful way to open people up to new ideas. Marty Wilson has been using humour professionally for over 20 years, and with More Funny, More Money he gives great tips on how to do it!”

Peter FitzSimons

"More Funny More Money is a professional godsend. By explaining how anyone, even the unfunniest among us, can use humour to become far more effective communicators, Marty Wilson shows us a possible world where boring meetings, soporific speeches, and forgettable sales pitches do not exist. Every aspiring entrepreneur, creative visionary and future world leader should read this book."

Bradley Trevor Greive AM
International Bestselling Author of The Blue Day Book and Penguin Bloom

"Many of us have no idea why our material works. We haven’t a clue why sometimes we’re funny and sometimes we’re not, and we just muddle along and do it. Marty on the other hand is an absolute expert in the how, what and why of comedy. More importantly, he’s got the gift of giving easily understandable and easy actionable advice on how to add humour and engagement to your content. His insights were gained from 10 successful years on the comedy circuit, and I don’t believe there’s anybody who wants to improve their public speaking who wouldn’t benefit from reading this book."

Nigel Marsh
TED Speaker, Bestselling Author of “Fat, Forty and Fired.”

"In business, the ability to use humour to instantly connect with others is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to engage, influence or sell. And Marty Wilson shows you how to do it authentically, with total confidence and to make humour your secret weapon."

Allan Pease
International Speaker, Author of 11 International #1 Bestsellers

More Funny, More Money is fascinating and useful. Marty clearly and concisely explains how we can all be funnier, and why we should try to be."

James O’Loghlin
Speaker and Author

"Everyone knows that laughter makes people listen.  Marty Wilson has always been the master of blending the right amount of funny with right amount business.  Even I’m buying a copy to learn how it’s done."

Julia Morris
Stand Up Comic, Actor, Host Of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”

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