Wayne Hope

Actor, Writer, Director

Wayne Hope is a highly respected actor, writer, director and producer at Gristmill, the acclaimed Australian Production Company he founded with his wife, Robyn Butler.

An award-winning actor, Wayne has appeared in iconic comedies, The Castle, The Micallef Program, and Very Small Business, the critically vaunted series which Wayne also co-created and produced. A hugely talented multi-hyphenate, Wayne co-created, wrote, produced and directed the celebrated and award-winning hit comedies, The Librarians and Upper Middle Bogan for ABC TV.  One of Australia’s most accomplished and prolific comedy directors, Wayne also directed and produced Gristmill's first feature film, Now Add Honey, after which he then directed Little Lunch, the series, for ABC3, which he also co-created and produced, and which has gone on to enjoy extraordinary success, including winning the 2016 Prix Jeunesse award in Germany. Alongside producing the two Little Lunch specials for ABC3, Wayne wrote, directed and produced season 3 of Upper Middle Bogan, which won the 2016 ACCTA award for Most Outstanding Comedy.

Recently Wayne has also been co-writing and producing his and Robyn Butler's follow up to Very Small BusinessBack In Very Small Business which premiere's later this year and producing, creating and co-writing a new children's series for ABC TV which is now in production. 

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