Tenielle Stoltenkamp

Tenielle started life as an overachiever - acing gifted children’s programs and publishing three children’s books by the age of 13. These days, Tenielle invests her grown-up energy into not letting go of that child-like, limitless dreaming and magic. Her obsession with storytelling has lead to a career as a script writer, children’s television producer, performer, songwriter, brand strategist, and these days, a Senior Marketing Manager for Uber - creating internet breaking on-demand campaigns and spinning OCD tendencies into branding expertise. Born, raised and grown on three different continents - Tenielle’s heart can be found somewhere between Durban, Nashville and the Gold Coast. Her body now dwells in Sydney, though her day dreams take her to Morocco and Paris. Often. Tenielle has a head full of ideas, a way with words, a short lifetime of experience in creative industries and big belief in creativity as an economy.

Please direct all enquiries for Tenielle Stoltenkamp via Jeanne Ryckmans: jeanne.ryckmans@cameronsmanagement.com.au