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Richard Glover's most recent book is the bestselling The Land Before Avocado (HarperCollins/ABC 2018) that was longlisted for a 2019 ABIA Non Fiction Book of the Year. His memoir Flesh Wounds: a comic romp for anyone whose family was not what they ordered (HarperCollins/ABC, 2015) was described by the British writer Jeanette Winterson as "Sad, funny, revealing, optimistic and hopeful" and by The Australian as "a breathtaking accomplishment in style and empathy". Richard's weekly humour column has been published in the Sydney Morning Herald for over twenty years. He also presents the top-rating Drive show on ABC radio in Sydney.

In addition to Flesh Wounds, Richard is also the author of George Clooney's Haircut - and Other Cries for Help (HarperCollins/ABC, 2013); Why Men Are Necessary and Other News From Nowhere (2010); The Joke Trap (2007); Desperate Husbands (2005); The Dag's Dictionary (2004); The Dirt Experiment (2003); In Bed With Jocasta (2000); Maps, Dreams, History: Race and Representation in Aboriginal Australia (1998); The Joy of Blokes: a Survivor's Guide to the Men in Your Life, How to Meet Them, How to Love Them, How to Eat Their Cooking (1994, co-written with Angela Webber); Laughing Stock: One Man's Battle With Sex, Work and a Son Called Batboy (1993); The P-Plate Parent (co-written with Angela Webber in 1992); and Grin and Bear It: a Survivor's Guide to Marriage, Kds, Family Holidays, Home Renovations, the English and Other Horrors (1990). His book The Mud House -- the story of building a mud-brick house in the middle of nowhere with no power tools -- was first published in 2009 with a revised edition released in 2016 (HarperCollins/ABC).

Richard has written a few stage shows, including Lonestar, a stage show about country music, which toured nationally with Genevieve Lemon, and A Christmas Story, which was performed at the Sydney Opera House, with Richard Wherrett directing. He was also one of the co-authors of Breast Wishes.

Richard Glover has written two short novels for children - The Dirt Experiment and The Joke Trap, as well as a version of The Dag's Dictionary for kids, under the title The No-Minute Noodler.

He lives in Sydney with the Australian screenwriter, playwright and author Debra Oswald.

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