Paul Grogan


Paul Grogan was born in Brisbane in 1963 and grew up in Petrie Terrace. An accomplished guitarist, he left school at 15 to pursue a music career – eight years of low-paid gigs and blue-collar jobs in southern Queensland and northern NSW.

At 23 he took his band to Sydney, just as the inner-city pubs shifted from live music to gambling machines. Between gigs he took a day job in an office mailroom, from where he would write and post one-page stories to his friends over lunch to alleviate boredom.

Paul’s writing skills were noticed and he was asked to draft training manuals, then promoted to a PR role. In 1996, on the strength of published material (ghost-written op-eds, speeches, feature articles etc.) he was accredited as a journalist grade six by the Australian Journalists’ Association.

For the next eight years Paul held several senior positions in public affairs until appointed as the Cancer Council’s inaugural director of public policy in 2004 – a position he still holds. He has since been appointed adjunct senior lecturer at the University of Sydney’s medical school.

Paul’s opinion pieces on health policy appear in online and print media and he is a regular on the speakers’ circuit and in broadcast media. He is acutely aware that the reason a year-10 dropout wound up as a graded journalist, director and published academic is his innate ability to write.

He currently has two novels out on submission. Legacy is inspired by the mystery of the Paidomazoma, his five trips to Greece (including to marry a daughter of the remote island of Elafonisos) and anecdotes he heard about Greeks and Australians during the German Occupation.

His second novel is about a young Brisbane journalist with conservative family on one side and Aboriginal family on the other, caught in the crossfire leading up to the Fitzgerald Inquiry that brought down Queensland’s Bjelke-Petersen Government.

Paul is married with two sons. He plays guitar in Sydney covers band The Bleeding Hearts.

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