Director, Julian Meyrick, delivers at Red Stitch

Director, Julian Meyrick, delivers at Red Stitch

Will Eno’s The Realistic Joneses opened at Red Stitch Actor’s Theatre last week and has been garnering a positive critical response.

Directed by Cameron’s own Julian Meyrick, the show a dazzling play of great wit and insight that explores the way in which we grapple with morality and deal with the immense mystery of life.

The Realistic Joneses is on until May 28, for more information and how to book, click here.

“Meyrick’s assured direction…balances comedy with poignancy.” – Herald Sun

“Director Julian Meyrick understands Eno’s idiosyncratic writing and gets terrific performances from his actors.” – Stage Noise

“Wholly marvelous and funny… The care with which the performance is crafted, the vision and jocularity in matters so grave, blend to make this a truly dazzling production.” – The Australia Times

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