Greg Growden


Greg Growden was for more than three decades a senior sportswriter for The Sydney Morning Herald. Raised on a rice farm in the Riverina and after playing representative sport with the sons of notorious Griffith Mafia identities, Growden joined the SMH from school the day of the Hilton Hotel bombing in 1978. He then spent many summers sitting next to Bill O’Reilly covering Sheffield Shield and Test cricket for the SMH, before becoming in 1986 the newspaper’s chief rugby union writer.

He was the SMH and Sun-Herald’s chief rugby union correspondent between 1987 and 2012, covering hundreds of Test matches, more than 20 Wallaby tours and every World Cup tournament. He is one of only two international rugby writers to have covered all eight Rugby World Cups tournament.

Between 2012-18, he left the SMH to become the Australian rugby correspondent for ESPN. In February, 2019, he returned to the SMH as a sporting columnist.

He has written 15 books, including ‘A Wayward Genius’- a biography of Australian Test cricketer Leslie ‘Chuck’ Fleetwood- Smith, rated by renowned British writer Frank Keating as among the 100 best sporting books of the 20th century. His rugby titles include: ‘With the Wallabies,’ ‘Inside the Wallabies,’ and ‘Rugby Union for Dummies.’

Greg’s latest book  “The Wallabies At War” was published by ABC Books/HarperCollins in August 2018. Cricketers At War publishes in late 2019 (HarperCollins), and Greg’s biography of the enigmatic Major Thomas, The Tenterfield Lawyer (Affirm Press) publishes in mid 2019.








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