Evelyn Purcell


Evelyn Maude Purcell is film director, writer and producer. She is Australian and lives in LA. Her directing credits include: Land of Little Rain starring Helen Hunt, Nobody’s Fool with Rosanna Arquette and Eric Roberts, Woman Undone with Mary McDonnell and Randy Quaid and Borderline starring Gina Gershorn. Evelyn acted as producer on Woman Undone (Pictureshow Productions), Caged Heat (New World Pictures) and Fighting Mad (20th Century Fox). In theatre, she directed My Kitchen Wars, a one-woman show that premiered at The Second Stage in Los Angeles and My Rebel (aka Tears of Rage) which played at the Director’s Theatre in Los Angeles.

Evelyn most recently directed and co-wrote Heatstroke with Anne Brooksbank, based on the book by Hannah Nyala and starring Maisie Williams, Stephen Dorff and Svetlana Metkina.

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