Duncan Lay


Like many journalists, he was a frustrated author and spent many years trying to write something contemporary. Then, in 2002, he interviewed legendary US fantasy author Raymond E Feist and came away hugely inspired to try to write some fantasy.

The birth of his son slightly delayed those plans (in a good way) but, in 2004, Duncan began writing what became The Dragon Sword Histories and in 2007 was signed up by HarperCollins for a three-book series. Book 1 of The Dragon Sword Histories, The Wounded Guardian, was published in 2009, and Books 2 and 2, The Risen Queen and The Radiant Child, were published in 2010.

His next fantasy trilogy, Empire of Bones, was signed up by HarperCollins with Book 1 Bridge of Swords publishing in 2012, Book 2 Valley of Shields publishing in 2013 and Book 3 Wall of Spears publishing in 2014. During this time, Duncan actively promoted the trilogy and visited more than 50 bookstores around Australia in 50 days.

His latest series was published by Momentum Books in 2015 and is comprised of The Last Quarrel, The Poisoned Quarrel and The Bloody Quarrel.

Duncan is now also writing novels in other genres in his spare time, mostly on the train during his commute to and from his work at the Sunday Telegraph as a production editor. He lives on the Central Coast with his wife and two children.

For more about Duncan, visit www.duncanlay.com

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