Dr. Sarah McKay


Dr Sarah McKay is an influential brain health commentator, neuroscientist and TEDx speaker. Sarah is the founder of The Neuroscience Academy, which offers online learning and in-person trainings that focus on applying neuroscience, positive psychology and mind-body medicine to life and work.

Dr McKay completed a MSc and PhD in neuroscience at Oxford University in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics. After five years at the lab bench conducting neuroplasticity research, Sarah worked up the courage to hang up her lab coach and pursue a career teaching others about the mind and brain.

Sarah writes for numerous publications and has been published extensively for the professional audience. She’s been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Australian Women’s Health, Daily Life, Sydney Morning Herald, Body & Soul, and has been heard and seen on SBS Insight, ABC Radio National, Balance by Deborah Hutton, and The Exchange TV and others.

Sarah has won numerous awards for her blog, in particular for supporting wellness and mental health. Sarah’s blog can be read by visiting, www.yourbrainhealth.com.au and The Neuroscience Academy can be found at theneuroacademy.com

Sarah lives on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia with her husband and together they are raising two little surfer dudes.

Sarah’s book, The Female Brain published by Hachette Australia and Orion UK in mid 2018.

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