Cassandra Scott

Cassandra is currently writing her first work of fiction while running her own consultancy Contextual Communications Pty Ltd. 

Cassandra’s first work of fiction is set in Sydney and centres on five women aged between their late twenties and early fifties.  It’s a fictional yet refreshingly honest account of womanhood, self-esteem, love and sexual awareness.  The stories traverse sexual rites of passage, motherhood, loneliness and mortality - things you wish you’d known earlier and that can’t be googled.

In December 2012 Cassandra had gone swimming at Coogee beach and a short while later was hauled from the water by a stranger.  Realising that Cassandra was technically dead because her heart had stopped beating, four strangers worked together to apply CPR and miraculously saved her life before the arrival of an ambulance.  A week in hospital saw her make a full recovery.  She is convinced that her love of life and sense of urgency to enjoy and make use every moment is partly attributable to this near fatal experience.  She is a strong believer in neuroplasticity and a big fan of Norman Doidge.

Cassandra grew up in South Australia.  At age 10 Cassandra was a member of the Australian Girls’ Choir.  During high school in the Barossa Valley she worked for Maggie Beer at the Pheasant Farm.  In year 12 she received a perfect score for English.  Between the ages of 18 and 25 as a political staffer for Federal Members of Parliament, she worked in both Adelaide and Canberra while completing her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Adelaide.

In the mid-nineties Cassandra became the State Convener of the Australian Republican Movement (when Malcolm Turnbull was National Chairman). In her early twenties she was a Finalist Young Australian of the Year Awards in South Australia.

In her next role she followed her passion and worked in telecommunications policy in the Federal Department of Communications.  In her late twenties Cassandra became a Director of the ACCC in Canberra.  She later moved to Canada where she had her first son, returning to the paid workforce as a senior regulatory analyst in a national telecommunications company.

In her thirties Cassandra returned to Australia working as a full-time Speechwriter to the CEO at Telstra Corporation and was later appointed General Manager of the Telstra Experience Centre.  She was one of the first employees of NBN Co but left in 2012 to open her own consultancy that still keeps her nice and busy.

Funnily enough, before she died she became a qualified funeral celebrant to help people compose stories to do a life justice at a difficult time.

Cassandra lives in Sydney with her husband and three children.

She is quietly terrified about her work of fiction that centres on small topics like confidence, sex and death but is doing her level best to act really cool about it.

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