Bronwyn Hall


With a double degree in social work and social science, Bronwyn Hall escaped overseas and found herself working and studying internationally, in search of the perfect career. 

Having worked at the University of Sydney in public health research, on a local council in community and youth development, as the manager of a women’s health centre, and as a researcher on a variety of social research projects in the United States and Australia, Bronwyn decided it was time to start her own business, The Research Den. Here she tutored, edited, ran workshops and provided free online support to students, and became an expert in teaching essay writing.

Author of The Night Before Essay Planner (Xoum) and the High School Essay Planner (Fairfax Books), she has also written and published articles in several international academic journals. 

Bron’s casual and open personality alongside her dynamic approach to tutoring and lecturing has earned the respect of her students and colleagues. In 2009 she won the University of Newcastle Leadership Award ($10,000) and the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur Award ($1000). 

Now working towards her PhD in Adelaide in medical anthropology, Bronwyn has recently spent considerable time in India learning about Ayurvedic medicine and has a fascinating and accessible book about her journey into the practice of Ayurveda that also features a user-friendly guide for those interested in following Ayurvedic practices in their everyday life, which will soon be ready to submit to publishers.

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