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Anthony Taufa

Anthony graduated from NIDA in 2009.

His most recent stage productions are The Golden Age; Love and Information and Orlando for the Sydney Theatre Company.

He has appeared in many stage productions in Melbourne and Sydney, including The Brother’s Size for Griffin Independent, 10,000 Beers for Darlinghurst Theatre Company.  He has also appeared in many co-op and NIDA productions. 

In 2012 was a member of the Bell Shakespeare Learning Ensemble, now known as The Players, followed by the roles of Duke/Balthasar in the Comedy of Errors in 2013.  He played many roles in the John Bell directed production of Monkey...Journey to the West.

He also plays the role of Taufa in the feature film Downunder and the television series Top of the Lake – China Girl.

He returns to the STC stage early in 2017 in productions of Black is the New White and Cloud Nine before heading north to the QTC for The Octoroon.