Anna Borghesi

Costume Designer | Production Designer

Anna Borghesi is an award-winning costume designer with over 25 years’ experience in film, television and theatre.

Her film credits include Hotel Mumbai (dir. Anthony Maras, 2018), Ali’s Wedding (dir. Jeffery Walker, 2017), Red Dog: True Blue (dir. Kriv Stenders, 2016), Sucker (dir. Ben Chessell, 2015), The Killer Elite (dir. Gary McKendry, 2011), Mao’s Last Dancer (dir. Bruce Beresford, 2009), The Condemned (Scott Wiper, 2007), The Book of Revelation (dir. Ana Kokkinos, 2006), Love’s Brother (dir. Jan Sardi, 2004), Ned Kelly (dir. Gregor Jordan, 2003) - for which she won the AFI Award for Best Costume Design, Darkness Falls (dir. Jonathan Liebesman, 2003), Mr Accident (dir. Yahoo Serious, 2000), Pitch Black (dir. David Twohy, 2000), Head On (dir. Ana Kokkinos, 1998), The Well (dir. Samantha Lang, 1997), Love Serenade (dir. Shirley Barrett, 1996), Metal Skin (dir. Geoffrey Wright, 1994), Paperback Romance (dir. Ben Lewin, 1994), Body Melt (dir. Phillip Brophy, 1993), and Romper Stomper (dir. Geoffrey Wright, 1992).

Her television credits include Romper Stomper (2017) for STAN, Lowdown (2012), Twentysomething (2011), Tangle (2009), The Outsider (2002), Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story (2001), On the Beach (2000) and SeaChange (1998).

Anna has worked extensively in theatre, designing costumes for Melbourne Theatre Company, Belvoir Street Theatre, Malthouse Theatre, Queensland Theatre Company and South Australian Theatre Company among others. 

Most recently, Anna designed Dirt Music (dir. Gregor Jordan/ Aquarius Films), the adaptation of Tim Winton’s novel, which will have its World Premiere at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

For enquiries regarding Anna Borghesi please contact us via email or on (02) 9319 7199.